Terms of use

Off-street parking zones:
  • Nikolaya Chumichova str. (close to Sberbank branch at Grazhdanskii prospekt, 52);
  • Vokzalnaya str. (infront of Belgorod Railway Station).
The procedure of entry and departure of vehicles andpayment for off-street parking zone:

1. To enter the territory of off-street parking,please press the button at the entry pillar and get a card of paid off-streetparking.

  • The card of paid off-street parking is the property of city Belgorod;
  • The entrance to off-street parking is possible only if all barriers are in position that allows free access of a vehicle to the parking zone;
  • The access to off-street parking without the card of paid off-street parking is prohibited;
  • After entering the parking zone, the driver places the vehicle at any of free parking lots;
  • You have to keep the parking card till the departure from the paid parking zone.

2. Payment for off-street parking is possible via parking cashdesk at the territory of paid off-street parking by bank card or by cash.Time period, liable to payment, is calculated from the moment when vehicleaccessed the off-street parking territory till the moment when the driver insertsthe parking card to cashdesk. After, the time and payment amount will be displayedat cashdesk screen.

3. You have to pay for parking before leaving the paidparking zone.

4. You have to leave the paid parking zone in 15 minutes after the payment was done.

5. To depart from the paid parking zone, please insert the parking card to the exit rack.


Off-street parking term of use at Nikolaya Chumichova str.

Working hours: daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

Parking cost: 30 rubl/hour.

Free parking time: 15 minutes after arriving to a parking lot.


Off-street parking term of use at Vokzalnaya str.

Working hours: 24/7.

Parking cost: 30 rubl/hour.

Free parking time: 15 minutes after arriving to a parking lot.


In the off-street parking zone, it is prohibited:

  1. To enter the parking lot when the equipment is in freelance mode (the barrier is in the parking lot in the raised state until the parking card is received)
  2. To reserve parking lots and create other barriers to car parking.
  3. To leave a vehicle at parking lots, designed for a certain type of vehicles.
  4. To place a vehicle violating the boundaries of parking lots.
  5. To leave a vehicle in parking zone with unreadable or non-standard LPN or without LPN.
  6. To interfere with the normal operation of Fee Stations.
  7. To block the entrance (exit) of vehicles on the parking lot.
  8. To create barriers for parking access to other drivers.
  9. To disturb public order.
  10. To pollute parking area.
  11. To destroy the equipment of paid parking.
  12. To commit any other actions that violate the established order of parking terms of use.

Paid off-street parking are not intended for thestorage of vehicles. The vehicles owners are responsible for any risks of theftand damage caused by third parties on the off-street parking.