In the case of special circumstances, you can pay parking after its completion using the function of postpay parking session to 23 hours 59 minutes of the current day from the moment you enter the parking space. Payment, in this case, is made by debiting the funds from the virtual parking account of the user on the information resource of the Belgorod parking space (

Attention! Post-payment option is available ONLY in the personal area of ​​the Internet portal and in the mobile application "Belgorod parking".

In order to use the post-payment option, you must perform the following actions:

1. Register on the site, or, if you are already registered, log in with your login and password to your personal account.

2. Fund your account with one of the suggested methods.

3. In the user's office, select the "Parking" tab.

4. On the "Parking" tab, click the button "Post-payment for the current day".

5. In the form that opens, fill in the following fields:

  • Parking zone number;
  • Number of the vehicle;
  • The beginning of the parking session (here you need to specify the time at which you parked your car today in paid parking);
  • Duration (indicate the length of your parking lot in paid parking).

6. Press the button "Pay Parking".

Attention!!! Postpayment can be made only until the end of the current day (until 23:59). You control the time that your car was in paid parking.